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18 October 2020 @ 12:08 am

Hi there, whats crackalackin?

I'm Dani. 

You may know me from
www.fanfiction.net with the username, funnily enough, pandora147. Or maybe you know me from Fan Forum as AzureEyes♥ aka bitchy HSM moderator :D You may just randomly have found me. Whichever way, I don't bite, if we have stuff in common then I'll probably think you're cool.
Comment if you want to be added so I know who you are.

- Dani xo

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03 April 2012 @ 01:00 am
Well I'm not around on LiveJournal much at all anymore but I'm using every form of media possible to attempt to pimp out my current endeavours. I'm exploring the world of travel writing, blogging and freelancing and as a part of that, I will be maintaining a blog whilst I'm on my upcoming backpacking travels abroad. I'd really appreciate peoples support by both visiting my blog and supporting it via social media. My blog is www.lightsallfaded.com ; I have a page on Facebook which can be found at www.facebook.com/lightsallfadedtravel and I'm on Twitter, at https://twitter.com/#!/lightsallfaded. Any support, follows, likes, comments at the blog - will be so appreciated. Cheers!
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22 March 2011 @ 07:11 am
The ever talented metrocard has kinda awesomely decided to be proactive and is setting up wildcatsgivebac http://community.livejournal.com/wildcatsgivebac/ And also you can follow the cause and the progress of the submissions/auction stages on Twitter at - http://twitter.com/#!/wildcatsgivebac

In a related matter, I wanted to throw the floor open for whether anyone has any suggestions for something/s I could contribute. (Sorry, I cannot auction off 'I'll actually complete Someday' although I'm tempted). Whether it be a one-shot you'd like to see me write, a pairing you think I'd be good at giving a shot, a pairing you selfishly want me to force myself into being good at writing, a continuation of another one-shot, an outtake from a story... Knowing my muse, I wouldn't be auctioning off "will write whatever you want" rather it would be something with a specific set of conditions/paramaters but I'm interested to get feedback from people who read my work. 

The clock is ticking on this one so prompt suggestions/input if you have any would be appreciated. 

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26 February 2011 @ 10:34 pm
 I just changed my LJ name on a whim. Give me a credit card and I can do some serious damage. I was pandora147.

I'm doing a bit of a purge soon of people on my account. I'll be keeping fanfic/other fandom accounts (like premiere recaps) public though.
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Sunday September 19th 2010 was the premiere of Charlie St. Cloud in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Planning was simple, the logistics were clear, my work gave me the night before off so I could beautify, my flight was smooth and I arrived to get a perfect position. Me and the girls sat around and ate cupcakes and tanned while waiting and when Zac arrived, people were excited but not pushy. Zac went along and signed for everyone, made cute gestures, hung out on the red carpet for ages and then, when he saw me, he leapt across the barricade, grabbed my ass (that’s right, chunky just like he enjoys his peanut butter) and said “You. My hotel. Now.”

Then I woke up.

The first sentence above was correct. Sunday September 19th 2010 was in fact the premiere of Charlie St. Cloud in Sydney... okay, it was sort of Sydney. It was Parramatta. It’d be like having the Los Angeles premiere out in Woodland Hills – technically it’s in the wider Los Angeles County but, seriously? Wtf? The logistics of this premiere were never clear. When it was announced that it was a Sunday, this at least worked with my work schedule – I’d decided pretty much in advance that if it worked with my work schedule and I could get reasonable flights I’d go but that I’d be unable to get time off work as I’ve just had a heap of time off for other things. But it was going to work for me – fly to Sydney first flight Sunday morning, fly back last flight Monday night. I got in contact with some of my former premiere attending buddies and Kat had indicated that her Erin was also interested in coming along and we talked about whether we were insane for actually doing this, yet again. Erin was a premiere virgin, Kat is an expert, I lie between the two. Kat has been to... if we include this one (after my tale you’ll realise that our ‘attendance’ is debatable)... five? I’d been to two red carpets previously, plus I saw the lay out of Los Angeles and was there for a screening.

Read the rest of my massively giant ramblings and see the photos by clicking here.... Collapse )
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13 March 2010 @ 06:38 am
Um, if you've added me to your f'list coz you read my work, just so you know, I updated Someday: This Moment. The ff.net alerts seem to be down. :( So yes. I've told you. Now you know. :D
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04 March 2010 @ 01:27 am

This ficlet is dedicated with harmony to metrocard . Persistence is futile. And yet we persist. We are doomed to experience a fiery death.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Gabi?" Troy called out, closing the door of their modest one bedroom apartment in Palo Alto, California.

His girlfriend of seven years didn't respond, however he knew that she was home - the front blinds had been wide open, her bicycle was out the front and he could hear music coming from the dining area. He frowned upon listening a little more intently to the music - he was used to all sorts of eclectic music from Gabriella but this track wasn't something he recognised. It was somewhere between pop and dance.

"Gabi, whatcha doing?" He dropped his cardboard box filled with the projects belongings to the students of his fourth grade class at Duveneck Elementary, and kicked off his Vans.

She didn't respond. He'd called home briefly at lunch time, she'd been deeply engrossed in her research project. It was her biggest project yet at her time studying at medical school, and it was the most stressed he'd ever seen her over school. His genuis girlfriend was typically cool, calm and collected; throughout senior year and college it had been her soothing him as he stresed about his assignments and balancing work, study and his extra-curriculars.

He came into the dining room, spying her textbooks and notes spread across the wooden table as she sat in a pair of dark grey sweats and a pale pink tank top, huddled over her laptop. He didn't want to startle her so he purposely scuffled a little as he entered the room, and peered over her shoulder to see what she was up to.

And he blinked - spotting what appeared to be a horse - or was it a horse? Maybe it was a unicorn? Leaping across the screen and barelling into stars.

"What are you doing?" Troy exclaimed.

At that instant, the unicorn slammed into the wall and Gabriella let out an expasperated groan. "Troy!" she exclaimed. "You distracted me!"

"I distracted you from what?" he demanded as he slid into the seat next to her.

She was refocused on her screen. "It's a game. Wish 2 is beginning, shh."

"Wish 2? What the?"

She waved him away and concentrated on her screen as once again, the little unicorn began to prance throughout a rainbow filled sky.

Troy had played a lot of games in his lifetime, games from every console and every format available. Peering at the Flash game, he couldn't quie understand the appeal. She was using two fingers, one index finger on the Z key and one on the X key. She had no control over the speed of the uniforn, merely she was able to make him jump.

"Awww, you became a star!"

She glared at him. "That's a bad thing. It means I died."

"Oh. What the hell is that thing? It's a unicorn, right?"

"A robot unicorn."

He blinked. "Right."

"I get one more wish. It's hardly worthwhile," she said bitterly. "I'll just let it die and start afresh next round."

Troy was bewildered as she let the unicorn run off the cliff and into the ground.

"Um, dare I ask how long you've been playing this?"

"Um, not long. I think I started just after you called at lunch time. I took a break to make a sandwich and someone recommended it to me."

"Just after lunch?" Troy said incredulously. "Gabi, it's 4:30!"

She blinked, glancing at the corner of her laptop screen. "So it is. Wow. I mean, I wasn't playing the whole time. I did go to the bathroom, and get myself a glass of water."

Troy rolled his eyes. "Gabi, I thought this project was really important?"

"It is. And I got a lot done this morning, I swear!" she turned back to her laptop screen which read down the bottom Press Z to chase your dreams again! Her index finger was hovering over the Z.

"Gabriella... " he warned. "Do you remember when I had my big essay due final semester and I couldn't tear myself away from my X Box and you had your roommate drive you to Berkeley to drag me away from the TV and to the library?"

Gabriella pouted. "But... I'm doing so well! Just before you came home, I got 20,000 in one wish. That means, in one round. I was so proud! I kept having trouble with this one bit and suddenly I worked out how to do it and next thing you know, I was at 20,000!"

"If you're going to procrastinate with a Flash game at least procrastinate with a decent flash game," he commented, rolling his eyes. "Does that song seriously play on loop the whole time?"

She nodded. "It's inspiring," she said earnestly.

"You've been brainwashed." He decided he simply had no choice but to intervene, and leaned over to pick up her laptop.

"Hey!" she protested.

"Do you have some article or something here printed you can read and work on?" he asked, gesturing to the mounds of paperwork.

She pouted but nodded. "Yes."

"Good. I'm going to take a quick shower because I feel all sticky - there was an incident with juice today - and you are going to get something productive done. Then we're going to walk to Starbucks, get some fresh air and rest your eyes, then come back home and I'll cook dinner and you are going to study up until dinner time. Got it?"

The pout remained on her lips but she nodded and said narkily, "Yes mom."

"Good girl." 

Troy smiled and stood up to move toward their bedroom.

"Troy?" she called after him.


"Do I at least get a good afternoon kiss?" Gabriella enquired with a small smile.

"Do you deserve one?"


He grinned and obliged her, stepping back toward her and leaning over, lips softly meeting lips in greeting. "Good afternoon."

"Very good afternoon," she murmured. "Now go, shower. I can practically smell my caramel machiato."

She watched after him and the moment he disappeared around the corner, she quietly reached out for her laptop.

"Put down the laptop!" Troy's voice wafted back into the room warningly.

Her bottom lip stuck out momentarily. "I hate you."

"Love you too."
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16 February 2010 @ 02:41 pm

This won't be continued. DO NOT ask me to continue it. It's kinda disjointed, unedited, unbeta'd, raw... random... against my moral being... whatever.

~ * ~

He was beginning to regret his decision to not book the privacy suite. He’d insisted that such luxuries were unnecessary, that in the spirit of attempting to retain normalcy, business class was more than sufficient. The route from Los Angeles to Australia was long – one would think after the number of times he’d visited that he would remember just how long. It was okay for her – she could sleep anywhere. He’d witnessed her fall asleep in the cinemas, during any lengthy car trip, on buses. He insisted she take the window seat, although he’d known that she would succeed in falling asleep after their post meal service movie and he would be left on the aisle, wide awake. It didn’t matter that the business class fully reclining suits were actually relatively comfortable in comparison to other airplanes he’d experienced. It didn’t matter that he was exhausted. He would doze off, just barely, and undoubtedly be jolted back into the land of awake. 

They’d watched 500 Days of Summer, syncing their screens to play simultaneously. However her head had been rested on his shoulder and she’d watched his screen more than her own. Following the movie they’d both taken a bathroom trip and soon after his watch indicated that Los Angeles time, it was now officially Sunday, February 14th

They lost a whole day of time, in theory – they left Los Angeles around 8pm on Saturday and would arrive at about 6am on Monday. Fifteen hours across the Pacific Ocean and a day of time given away. They’d regain that day when they returned home, certainly – and he couldn’t begin to fathom the time that had been lost and gained during the few worldwide promotional tours in his short career thus far. On this particular trip, it was Saint Valentine’s Day which was being effectively lost – or rather, spent in an aircraft, surrounded by people.

There had been no presents, no expensive arrangements of flowers. She preferred the days that he would arrive at her house after meetings and appointments with an item of funky jewellery he saw and it made him think of her; he preferred the days when she brought him a bagful of groceries just because he’d been too busy to take care of himself. The things that they did just because. Hallmark holidays weren’t them. Every day they had together was time to celebrate the love that they shared. And so when midnight struck, they’d simply shared a short but loving kiss, not caring about whether the googly eyed flight attendants or gawking fellow passengers were paying an ounce of attention.

He sighed in frustration, closing his laptop lid with definition. It was 3am, their time, and no number of spontaneous skateboarding expeditions in the morning prepared him to still be awake at that time. He glanced around in the cabin, the lights were dimmed, the majority of passengers had drifted off to sleep. He’d already drank two bourbon and cokes, ordered some extra snack food, counted sheep.

“Watch The Time Traveller’s Wife,” her sleepy voice suggested from beside him. “You said it nearly put you to sleep in the theatre.”

He glanced down at her. She’d put her seat back into half recline but was refusing to push it back all the way until he would also at least try to get some sleep. 

“Tried that. It just made me fidgety,” he said with a pout. He gestured toward his laptop and the earpieces he’d plucked from his ears. “I was watching Robot Chicken.”

“Without me?”

He leaned over, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. “We can watch it together on the flight home.”

“Or maybe in Australia if we get bored?”

“You think you’ll be bored? You haven’t shopped in these malls for over a year."

She merely smiled, her eyes remaining closed. She wriggled a little, her leg kicking as she attempted to readjust the blanket. He reached over, pulling the scrunched up blanket down so it was straight and covering her body.

“Why don’t you order another drink?” she suggested. “Might make you sleepy.”

He wrinkled his nose. “Nah.”

“Why don’t you at least lie down, try to sleep?” she coaxed.

He sighed, glancing down at her. Her eyes had opened slightly, looking up at him pleadingly. There was no doubting the exhaustion in her expression.

“I’ll lie down with you,” he finally agreed, knowing he could at least try – for her.

It was familiar routine – the arm rests pushed back, chairs reclined, jackets stuffed down into the crack between the seats, bodies shifting to the centre, and two blankets being shared between the two of them. The soft fabric of her sweats pressed up against his denim clad leg, her hand splayed over his t-shirt. Her eyes fluttered closed, the comfort of his closeness lulling her into sleep.

He knew he wouldn’t sleep – he never did, and that was okay. A few energy drinks the next day and he’d function happily. But he wasn’t going to move. The flight attendant making googly eyes; the middle-aged woman across the opposite side of the aircraft whose eyes bore into him; their entourage who travelled with them – none of them mattered. Because the fifteen hours together on the aircraft belonged to the two of them, and no one else. Not because it was their vacation, or because it was February 14th.

 It was just because.

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01 July 2009 @ 09:17 pm



Disney would be offended at the insinuation that they’d actually allowed me to objectify their characters like this. I am not affiliated. I gain no profit from writing fanfiction otherwise I’d quit my job and just write full time. Lyrics belong to Nickelback.


I think this will be a three shot. It was gonna be a one shot but it seems I’m not capable of literally writing porn without plot and I need some substance. It’ll get updated when it gets updated. ;)

Dedicated to Kelly who continually says things like ‘Dani should write that!’ and gets my brain ticking. I say Zachary is my muse, but really, it’s awesome supporters like you babe :) (Kelly, sorry it’s not Animals. That wasn’t going to work with the other specs I gave myself. Hopefully you’ll like it anyway. I'll tell you what the specs were when it's finished.)

Nominate your favourite fics in the HSM Fanfiction Awards hosted by



THE SIMPLE NEED, Part OneCollapse )
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